Get Your Groove Goin’ with Accusonus Regroover Pro

Aug 24, 2019 by masteraccount - 0 Comments

I took the time to knock the dust off my camera (at least most of it) and dive into a very interesting plugin
presented to me by Accusonus ( called “Regroover Pro”.

Regroover Pro is an artificial intelligence audio spectral plugin that magically separates sounds based on the frequency range in which they reside.
How? Excuse me as I scratch my head and ponder the same. While I can’t imagine the endless hours of programming
the devs had to pursue to make this software possible,
I can attest that it can be a viable production tool option for music producers as well as engineers.

Check out my latest video where I share my views on Regroover Pro
and show how it can potentially take your production to the next level.

Full Review: Regroover Pro Review

Get a Free Regroover Pro Trial:

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FREE [Retrospect] Sample Chops Kit!

Oct 26, 2018 by masteraccount - Comments Off on FREE [Retrospect] Sample Chops Kit!

What’s Up Good People!

I dropped this Free sample loop pack for all my producer friends to have fun and invent new material.
I hope you enjoy it!

Click the Link below

Download Now